Sales and Marketing

CEO James Lay's 25 years in the A level film industry has taught him the value of utilizing mystery in marketing, specifically introducing a brand new disruptive technology such as Dreamlife Technology. His long term relationships with such goliath marketing firms as Chiat Day and BBDO positions Dreamlife Technology to start an industry and application specific targeted marketing campaign focusing on the leaders of innovative technology applications.

Currently Dreamlife Technology retains standing invitations to present our technology to Universal Studios, Disney, Paramount, FOX and Warner Bros.

Additionally through relationships with our lead NASA Engineer Mark McKelvey and Lay's father's relationships as a Scientist at NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) for 40 years, we are confident that invitations for demonstrations of Dreamlife Technology as well as our Global Shield Defense Technology will be in high demand.

On the public side, our initial target clients are the high end tech savvy car manufacturers like BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari, Bugatti, as well as the larger American brand cars. Simultaneously, we will focus on large manufacturers in the global consumer markets such as Nike, Coke, and other large global brands. We will strategically focus both marketing and sales on brands that create elite brand recognition by corporations and consumers alike.