Global Shield Defense Technology

Global Shield Ultra Sonic Force Field technology has multiple defense applications that will be utilized worldwide in airports and major public venues to identify and neutralize threats to public safety.

Our proprietary technology is capable of instantly recognizing a weapon, exposed or concealed, and unleashing a nonlethal deterrent system that renders the individual unconscious for 3-5 minutes, allowing authorities to detain them.

A further application of Global Shield is the ability to create a virtual ultrasonic wall pier to pier that stops any individual from crossing its plane, once again using our proprietary technology to temporarily disable the individual so they may be apprehended.

Additionally, Global Shield Ultra Sonic Force Field technology and acknowledgement recognition software will be a major part of the fight against global terrorism by identifying an individual, running a global terrorist and criminal database search, and unleashing our proprietary nonlethal technology to neutralize any threat.

We confidently believe this is ground breaking technology that will create a $20 billion plus industry worldwide within 10 years.

Examples of Global Shield Deployment

Global Shield is Hardware, Software, Ultra Sonic, Laser and Weapon Deployment technology to be installed in locations throughout the world. Global Shield is primary to be installed in what are known as “soft target” locations such as strategic exterior airport locations, concert halls, schools, shopping malls as well as other accessible public locales that currently do not screen for known terrorists, criminals, people with registered psychological disorders or most importantly people with concealed weapons or bombs.

Here is an example of how Global Shield works when deployed at a soft target location:

Exterior Airport Location: A car approaches an airport, at the entrance electronic signage notifies all vehicles and visitors that they are entering a restricted area subject to certain monitoring of electronic identification markers and by entering they are screened. Before the vehicle approaches the departing or arrival terminal curb, Global Shield has already run the first round of electronic identification on all passengers in the vehicle based on parameter #1 (confidential Global Shield Technology). There are multiple levels of security risk assigned to each individual within the vehicle based on certain and specific database searches run in less than 3.5 seconds before the vehicle has reached the curb at the airport. If it is determined that an individual has been flagged for a security risk based on certain data identifying them as a known terrorist, foreign national with criminal convictions, domestic criminal or registered mentally ill, then a secondary Global Shield technology (confidential) will be applied to the individual that pinpoints any weapons located on the person.

If there is a weapon it will be identified within 3 seconds and immediately Global Shield will release a laser targeted non-lethal Taser Dart that will render the individual unconscious until the authorities arrive to detain the individual. If a bomb is detected within the vehicle ALL individuals within the vehicle will be rendered unconscious via Global Shield Ultra Sonic Force Field, as well as a secondary back up deterrent of a laser guided tear gas canister deployed into the vehicle as well.

We have accounted for police and other law enforcement within our technology algorithm so that we do not have mistaken identity deployments with regard to Global Shield Technology. Because of the law enforcement aspects of this technology, we cannot discuss any other confidential details regarding certain aspects of how the technology works but we can assure you that Global Shield Technology powered by Dreamlife Technology will change the safety of the planet as we move further into future.