Acknowledgement Recognition Software


Beyond our haptic (touch sensation) technology, Dreamlife will be integrating our proprietary user approved “Acknowledgement” recognition software, allowing Dreamlife holographic content to recognize the user and offer suggestions, giving feedback designed to assist the user in choices related to the holographic content that is being displayed to best optimize the user’s experience. This ensures that the user’s purchases related to the holographic content are the best for the user. The user’s database of information is being updated constantly by integration with search engine platforms such as Google. For instance, a Dreamlife Technology holographic representation of a lead character of the latest summer blockbuster film, with the pre-approval of the user via the purchase of their ticket from their smart phone, will be able to recognize the user at the theater lobby venue and greet the user by name and offer a personalized experience such as a “Happy Birthday” or suggestion of another film or restaurant they may want to try after the show. The choice to activate this aspect of Dreamlife Technology is completely up to the user and allows the user to choose to utilize this useful tool or remain anonymous and retain their privacy.